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Though it may cost a little up front, a home energy audit could reduce your utility costs by 30 percent.

Adding new flooring can dramatically upgrade the look and feel of your home. Here’s how you can combine a radiate floor heating system with ...

Thanks to the large variety of after-market hitches, you should be able to find one that will fit your vehicle, and you’ll only need basic m...
 Learn how to use your lathe to turn this beautiful rolling pin.
They're not as pretty as dovetails, but this is a fast and easy method to achieve strong joints.


The room or space that I'd most like to improve in 2014 is...

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Cabinet pull-outs are nothing new, but these novel applications solve problems that annoy guys every...
Using expanding polyurethane foam to lift and level heavy concrete slabs.
The time has come to give women equal opportunity to be convinced of the value of toys.
kobalt 40v max outdoor tools
HANDY takes a first-hand look at a new charged-up tool category for Kobalt: outdoor power equipment.


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